5 Insider Styling Tips Fashion Designers Use to Look Taller

While we’re all for embracing your physique-tall or short gals alike-we totally get why those of us who are more petite would want to look taller sometimes. While one easy fix is to wear 5 inch stilettos, there are other easy styling tips with the same lengthening effects without pain. Interested in fashion designer insider tips to look at least a few inches taller? Scroll down to find the best styling tips and tricks that’ll make you look fresh off the runway-even on a petite frame.

1. Cropped tops with a high neckline

A cropped top with a high neckline brings people’s eyes upward and makes it look like your body and waist is positioned higher than it actually is. Look at how Kim Kardashian looks increasingly taller from left to right.

SKYE women fashion how to look taller kim kardashian
Kim looks taller when wearing a crop top with a high neckline


And it’s OK to wear a longer top, just make sure to tuck it in, as it creates a visually slimmer waist and longer legs.

SKYE modern minimalist women fashion turtleneck top grey5
SKYE two tone turtleneck top

2. High waisted bottoms

Same principle as above. High waisted bottoms make your legs look longer and your body taller. By faking a higher waistline, your legs look like they begin at least a few inches higher than they actually do. Check out how much taller Jessica Alba looks when wearing high waisted pants on the right.


SKYE women fashion how to look taller jessica alba
Jessica Alba looks much taller when wearing high waisted pants


SKYE modern minimalist women fashion white wrap waist top
SKYE wrap waist cropped top with high waisted pants


3. Top knot/ hat

Remember everything is about proportions. Long hair makes your torso seem shorter in comparison, so it’s better to have shorter hair if you want to look taller. If you have long hair and want to keep it that way, opt for a top knot, or wear a hat to instantly add a few inches to your height.

SKYE women fashion miranda kerr hat
Add a few inches to your height by wearing a hat like Miranda Kerr

4. Go long or go short

Since hemlines visually cut your legs in half, it’s best to avoid capris, skirts or dresses that end at your calf. Instead, choose shorts,  mini-skirts or long pants and maxi skirts. Asymmetric hemline also elongates legs as it falls diagonally across legs rather than cutting straight across horizontally.


SKYE women fashion Taylor Swift shorts
High waisted shorts highlight Taylor Swift’s mile long legs


SKYE modern minimalist women fashion wool plaid shorts
SKYE high waisted wool plaid shorts


SKYE modern minimalist women fashion long sleeve velvet dress 2
SKYE velvet dress with asymmetric hemline

5. Pointy toe shoes with low vamp

Shoes with low vamp visually extend the length of your legs by making the back of your feet look like a part of your legs. Avoid styles with ankle straps or excessive details covering the top of your feet. Score extra points by wearing nude shade matching your skin. This is a secret weapon celebs like Scarlett Johansson use to elongate her frame.

SKYE women fashion scarlett johansson nude pumps
Scarlett Johansson wears pointy toe nude pumps to lengthen her height

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