How We Make Our Garments

Much love, passion and creativity goes into each item we make here at SKYE. From the initial concept to production, here is how the finest yarns and fabrics get transformed into versatile, modern pieces.


Every piece of SKYE garment is designed in-house, and all of our designs are exclusive and original. Our design team starts with mood boards for inspiration. Sometimes we are inspired by a song, a book, or a particular scene from a movie, other times we are inspired by pop culture and current events.

While we love monochromatic colors, occasionally we create custom prints to make things more fun and exciting. Our prints are hand drawn with paint brushes which brings together beautiful colors, unique patterns and distinct shapes.

We put a lot of thought into paring down a design while keeping it versatile and functional. Many of our garments have real pockets, removable tie belts and can be worn on both sides creating different looks. Afterall, a curated closet should still be fun and exciting!


Our choice of fabric is based on the design and seasonality of the garment. Does the garment need more structure, or should we choose something that is soft and drapes beautifully? For summer garments, absorbency and breathability is key. For winter we choose substantial quality fabrics to keep you warm.

All fabrics are washed to make sure they stay the same color, shape and size once they are made into garments. Lastly, we choose quality buttons, zippers and other accessories to compliment the overall design.


We put a lot of effort to make sure our garments fit well and flatters the female body. We frequently utilize tie belts, elastic cinches, darts and long vertical seams to create fitted silhouettes that are not overly tight. Many of our tops are slightly cropped which pair beautifully with our high-waisted bottoms to create an elongated fit.  


Our production is done in a studio setting by a small number of artisans. Each style is produced in limited quantities to make sure each piece is made to the highest standard. We hand cut pre-washed fabrics into neat pieces, and sew them piece by piece into garments with clean and consistent stitches. We cover raw fabric edges to make sure they do not unravel or irritate the skin. Finally each piece is ironed, and folded neatly into a garment bag.


Off they go
After our garments are individually inspected for one last time, they are carefully packed in a beautiful box and shipped to you.

SKYE modern minimalist fashion women scissors tape measure thread