Our Vision

SKYE is a collection of ethical, quality essentials for the modern woman. We seek simplicity, mindfulness and intentional living with an emphasis on authenticity and true expression.

We strive to create elegant, refined garments that can be worn over and over again. By creating timeless essentials, we aim to discourage the disposable view of clothing that has become increasingly pervasive in our culture. Our hope is to return to the days of a functional, curated wardrobe that is both stylish and sustainable.

Our designs are original, pared down and functional. We always start with a blank slate and think about the kind of beautiful garments that we want to create. All of our designs, patterns and prints are created in-house and exclusive at SKYE. We work hard to pare a design down to its true essence and create pieces that are effortless and timeless. Functionality is also important to us – many of our designs have usable pockets, are season appropriate and can be worn a myriad of ways.

Quality garments are made from quality fabrics. We are extremely selective and uses some of the finest materials available to us. Not only do fine fabrics drape beautifully, they also feel better against the skin, and maintain their shape through wash and wear. We also prioritize on using natural fibers that are breathable, absorbent and biodegradable. We pre-wash all fabrics to make sure they stay the same color, shape and size once they are made into garments.

Our garments are specifically designed to compliment a woman’s body. We hand cut the fabric in accordance to the contours of a woman’s body and frequently use french darts and long vertical seams to create flattering fits. Many of our tops have a slightly cropped fit which pairs beautifully with our high waisted bottoms to create an elongated silhouette.

We are perfectionists and pride ourselves on great attention to detail. Our garments are sewn with a high stitch count and every stitch is clean, even and consistent. We use superior construction techniques such as french and flat fell seams on woven fabrics to create a clean and durable finish. Patterns including plaid or horizontal stripes line up at the seams to create a professional, unified look. When it comes to buttons, zippers and lining materials, we only use the best!

SKYE minimalist modern women fashion birds flying in the skySKYE minimalist modern women fashion birds flying in the sky