Ethics & Sustainability

Towards a better tomorrow

Timeless and versatile design so you can have more with less

Our designs are timeless, functional, and versatile. You’ll feel chic and comfortable wearing them year after year instead of throwing out trendy pieces that quickly go out of style.

We design our pieces with a coherent aesthetics so they can be easily mixed and matched to form a unique and elevated personal style. This makes getting dressed easier while having fewer pieces.

By loving and wearing every piece in your closet for years to come, you can enjoy fashion while making a smaller impact on the environment.

Use quality and sustainable materials that last

We believe the key to sustainable fashion is to make pieces that last with quality and sustainable materials.

We use the best materials available, so that your SKYE pieces last years beyond a single season.

Most of our garments are made from natural, biodegradable materials such as organic cotton, linen, TENCEL, wool and silk.

Make garments that are machine-washable

Every time a piece of clothing is dry cleaned, a small amount of Perchloroethylene (PERC) remains and gets released into your home.

Even minimal contact with PERC can cause irritation and side effects while long-term exposure has been associated with more serious health consequences.

Almost all SKYE clothing can be machine washed which not only saves money and time for you, but also avoids the environmental and health hazards with dry cleaning.

OEKO-TEX® certified to be toxin free

Our fabrics are processed with eco-friendly low-impact dyes without harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, VOCs, arylamines and harsh pHs.

As a result, our garments are more gentle for your skin and the environment. 

Small batch artisanal production

Most brands overproduce and throw away products that don’t sell, which can be as much as 30-40% of their inventory.

We are a lot more mindful when it comes to production, as we only make what we can sell. We handcraft pieces in small batches, making as close to demand as possible.

Since we don’t overproduce, nothing has to go to waste.

Smart zero-waste design

Roughly 20-30% of materials used by the fashion industry are purchased in excess and get thrown away.

Through smart planning and a dash of ingenious creativity, we employ new design techniques that allow us to craft our pieces with little waste.

We also use scraps for making chic small fashion accessories like headbands, belts, and hair ties.

This eliminates the need for unused materials going to the landfill.

Eco-friendly, recycled packaging

All of our beautiful packaging materials are made from post-consumer materials. 

Being able to reduce plastic and repurpose waste is a great way of reducing harm to our planet.